White Out
White Out Label Art
The official White Out label art.

Smooth Citrus (United States, Japan, and Canada)
Lemon (New Zealand)

Color: White      
Current Status:

United States: 2009 (Test Release), 2010 - Present

Freeze: 2011

Diet: 2011
Japan: 2012 - Present
Canada: 2013, 2014
New Zealand: 2014 - Present

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White Out is a Mountain Dew flavor. It was the second to be chosen by fans in the DEWmocracy promotion. Its tagline is "Smooth citrus DEW" in the United States, while its diet version had a planned tagline of "Smooth citrus Diet DEW with other natural flavors."


DEWmocracy 2: Collective Intelligence

Main article: DEWmocracy

White Out was first tested alongside multiple other new flavors in a tour that stopped in 17 American cities in 2009. Taste testers were to give their input, and at the end of the tour, three flavor finalists were chosen. The three flavors names and flavors were chosen with the help of Dew Labs members, and the designs were submitted from artistic fans. Then, they were released to the public on April 19, 2010, as Typhoon, Distortion, and White Out, and drinkers were to try all three and vote on which they preferred. Voting ended in June, and White Out was announced to be the winner, holding 44% of the votes. It was officially re-released to stores on October 4th of that year.


Main article: FanDEWmonium

A Diet White Out was created for the FanDEWmonium promotion, but it did not place in the finals, coming in 3rd place.

Japanese release

On June 12, 2012, White Out was released in Japan in 500 ml bottles, joining Grape and the original flavor.

New Zealand release

In July 2014, White Out was released to New Zealand as part of their regular product line, replacing Electro Shock. It was described as "DEW with a blast of Lemon flavor."

DEWmocracy Canada

White Out was one of four Mountain Dew flavors featured in Canada's 2013 DEWmocracy Canada contest. It landed in third, above Supernova, with Code Red ahead in second, with Voltage winning. It returned with Supernova and Code Red in DEWmand 2014, which Code Red once more landed above White Out as the winner.

White Out Freeze

After White Out won DEWmocracy, a Slurpee version of it was made available at participating 7-Eleven stores beginning on January 2011. It is still currently unknown that the Slurpee version is still available at participating 7-Eleven stores nowadays.


Mountain Dew White Out is a smooth citrus flavored soda in the United States, Canada and Japan and Lemon in New Zealand, and is foggy white in color, as its name suggests.