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The official Mountain Dew Voltage logo.
Flavor: Blue Raspberry
Color: Maya Blue      
Current Status: United States, Canada, and Honduras: Permanent Flavor

Diet, New Zealand and Uganda: Discontinued

Locations Available: United States
New Zealand
Year(s) Available: United States: 2007 (Test release), 2008 - Present
Diet: 2011
New Zealand: 2011 - 2014
Circle K: 2013 - Present (Fountain)
Uganda: 2014 - 2016
Honduras: 2017 - Present
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Voltage (also known in New Zealand as "Electro Shock", and in Honduras as "Xtreme") is a Mountain Dew flavor. It was first released as a finalist in the first DEWmocracy promotion, where it won and became a permanent flavor. Its tagline is "DEW charged with Raspberry Citrus Flavor and Ginseng with other Natural flavors," while its diet version tagline was "Raspberry-citrus Diet Dew with Natural and Artificial flavors."


Voltage is a blue-raspberry flavored soda with added ginseng and is Maya Blue in color.


Main article: DEWmocracy

Voltage was designed by Mountain Dew fans during the first phase of DEWmocracy I in 2007 and would be released over the summer of 2008 to compete with Supernova and Revolution to become a permanent flavor. In August, voting had ended and Voltage was announced the winner, holding 41% of the votes. It was officially re-released to stores on December 29th of that year.

Main article: FanDEWmonium

Diet Voltage was created in 2011 for FanDEWmonium and was a finalist to have a limited time release to stores along with the other finalist, Diet Supernova. With Voltage holding 45% of the votes, Diet Supernova won with 55% of votes.

In 2011, Voltage was released in New Zealand, but was given the name Electro Shock, and described as "DEW with a charge of wild berry flavor." It was commonly mistaken as a different flavor than Voltage, but the two were the same flavor. Electro Shock was discontinued in 2014 and replaced with White Out.

In 2013, the flavor was released to Circle K store locations, and Circle K is currently the only convenience store chain that sells this flavor in fountain form and it still is today.

Main article: DEWmocracy Canada

Voltage became part of DEWmocracy Canada in 2013, and released into stores in March 2013, competing for votes against Code Red, White Out, and Supernova. On July 4th, Voltage was announced as the winner, and it was released into stores permanently on July 15th of that year.

In other foreign releases, in August 2014, Mountain Dew Uganda announced that Voltage was released in Uganda.

In 2017, Mountain Dew Malaysia renamed its flavor to LiveWire, as Voltage. The formula is still the same as LiveWire, and therefore looks and tastes nothing like the Voltage anywhere else. In the same year, Voltage was released in Honduras, but was given the name "Xtreme." Its tagline was described as "DEW Cargado de Frambuesa."