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Voltage (also known in New Zealand as "Electro Shock", and in Honduras as "Xtreme") is a Mountain Dew flavor first released in stores in 2008 as a finalist in the first DEWmocracy promotion, where it won and became a permanent flavor in the United States.


Voltage is a Blue Raspberry flavor of Mountain Dew. It's similar to another Dew flavor, which has a similar shade of Blue Raspberry flavor, Blue Shock. Its color has a blue look.


Its tagline is "DEW Charged with Raspberry Citrus Flavor and Ginseng with Other Natural Flavors" while its diet version's tagline was "Raspberry-Citrus Diet Dew with Natural and Artificial Flavors."

In New Zealand, its tagline is "DEW with a Charge of Wild Berry Flavour.", and in Honduras, its tagline is "DEW Cargado de Frambuesa.", which translates to "DEW Charged with Raspberry Flavor."


(2008) DEWmocracy I

Main article: DEWmocracy I

In November 2007, PepsiCo launched a new Mountain Dew marketing campaign. This campaign was named "DEWmocracy," tying the words Dew and Democracy together as the campaign centered around the idea of Dew drinkers designing the next permanent flavor on the line. DEWmocracy was released throughout various phases. Out of the 3 phase process, only three finalists were chosen that is Voltage (a Blue Raspberry flavor), Supernova (a pink Strawberry Melon flavor), and Revolution (a sky blue Wild Berry Fruit flavor).

Voltage, alongside its competitors, Supernova and Revolution, was officially released over the summer of 2008 to compete for a chance to become a permanent flavor. Drinkers were able to try all three flavors and vote on the DEWmocracy website on which they preferred for their favorite. Voting ended on August 19th, 2008, and Voltage was announced the winner, having won 41% of the votes, Supernova came in second place, with Revolution in third. Voltage was officially re-released to stores on December 29th of that year.

(2010 - 2011) FanDEWmonium

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Diet Voltage was created in 2010 for FanDEWmonium and was a finalist. It was given an 8 week limited-time release to stores alongside the other finalist, Diet Supernova in March 2011. Diet Voltage (which held 45% of the votes) ended up losing to Diet Supernova, which won 55% of the votes.

Soda Fountain release

Circle K

In 2013, Voltage was released exclusively in Circle K locations as a fountain drink as a permanent flavor and later in 2017 as a Froster Freeze flavor permanently. Voltage remains available as a fountain drink at Circle K and is the only convenience gas station store in the United States to sell it in soda fountains and in Froster Freeze form.

International release

New Zealand

Voltage (renamed Electro Shock) was released in New Zealand in 2011 alongside LiveWire and Pitch Black. Although this particular release of Voltage is labeled as having a Wild Berry flavor, it has been claimed that it otherwise shares the same flavor as the US version.

In 2014, it was later discontinued due to potentially low sales, and replaced by White Out, a Lemon flavor.


Main article: DEWmocracy Canada

In March 2013, a voting promotion called DEWmocracy Canada was announced. The concept of its name and voting session alone is comparable and consists of competitors from prior American DEWmocracy promotions I from 2008 and II from 2010 (excluding Code Red). The candidates were Voltage, Supernova, Code Red, and White Out.

These four Dew flavors were released over the summer of 2013, competed with each other until July 4th, 2013, the deadline for voting. Voltage was announced the winner, leaving the losing flavors, Supernova, Code Red, and White Out discontinued until next year in a second promotion.

Voltage was officially re-released to stores permanently on July 15th, 2013.


On August 20th, 2014, the official Ugandan Mountain Dew Facebook account announced that a new blue flavor was coming soon. A week later, it was released to stores in Uganda. It was later discontinued in 2016, potentially due to low sales.


In 2017, LiveWire was renamed to Voltage. It remains the same orange flavor, bears no resemblance in terms of looks or tastes to the Voltage found anywhere else.


In the same year when Voltage was released in Malaysia, it later was released in Honduras as "Xtreme," being the first Mountain Dew flavor sold in the country. It was last mentioned by the Official Mountain Dew Honduras Facebook account in a post during February 2018, so it was presumably discontinued soon after due to low sales at some point during 2018.


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