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Not to be confused with Diet Ultra Violet.

Violet was a Mountain Dew flavor variant that was officially released in stores on April 16th, 2019, in Japan. It was first leaked via Reddit on April 14th, 2019. It is currently the third grape flavor released in Japan (the first being Grape and the second being Kickstart (Energizing Grape)).


Violet is a grape flavored soda that also contains elderberry juice, and is purple in color. It is unknown whether or not it's made from the same formula as Grape.


Its tagline is "DEW with Grape Flavour."


In August of 2019, FYE announced that Violet was available to purchase at FYE stores and on its website. Available to consumers in the United States, FYE's supply of Violet was imported from Japan.

In late 2020, it was announced on the Japanese Suntory website that Violet is no longer being produced.