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Sweet Lightning
The logo for Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning. (Fan-made version recreated by Duckieboy01)
Flavor: Sweet Peach and Smooth Honey
Color: Yellow-Orange      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor
Locations Available: United States KFC Locations
Year(s) Available: 2019 - Present
Related Flavors: Happy Dew Year
Similar Flavors: Baja Blast
Goji Citrus Strawberry
Electric Apple
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Sweet Lightning is a Mountain Dew flavor exclusively available in soda fountain machines only at KFC restaurants that were released at the end of March 2019 in the United States. Its tagline is "DEW charged with Natural & Artificial Sweet Peach & Smooth Honey".


Sweet Lightning is a flavor of Mountain Dew which is Yellow-Orange in color. Similar to the relationship of Baja Blast and Taco Bell, Sweet Lightning was chemically designed to taste its best with KFC's menu. Its flavor is a Peach and Honey type of DEW flavor.


On March 4th, 2019, PepsiCo filed a trademark name, calling it Sweet Lightning. It was previously rumored that the flavor would be exclusively only available at KFC restaurant locations.

On March 31st, 2019, in a Reddit post, a user by the name of "FightingCommander" posted an image of Sweet Lightning in a soda fountain, showing that Sweet Lightning was released in his local KFC. On that day forward, Sweet Lightning was later released in other KFC locations as a permanent flavor. As of May 2021, Sweet Lightning is still available within all KFC restaurant locations nationwide since July 1st, 2019.