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Supernova (Raspberry-Lemon)

Supernova, also known as Euronova, is an international Mountain Dew flavor sold in the Nordic countries of Finland and Denmark. It differs from the North American version as it uses a completely different flavor and color, being an orange colored Raspberry-Lemon drink instead of a magenta colored Strawberry-Melon one.


As previously mentioned, this version of Supernova is a Raspberry-Lemon flavored soda and is orange in color.



This version of Supernova was first released in 2012 in Finland, as the first flavor-extension to the range in the country The Finnish version of Supernova was only available in 500 mL/~17 oz. bottles.


In Denmark, this version of Supernova was released as a Limited Edition flavor for a Titanfall 2 promotion in 2016. At the end of the promotion, it was kept on shelves as a permanent flavor due to high sales.

The drink was later discontinued in Denmark for unknown reasons.


  • Most people in the Mountain Dew community like to refer to this flavor as "Euronova", to avoid confusion with American Supernova. The name stems from its origin of Finland, a European country.