Promotional image for Spark leaked by u/pm_me_your_last_pics on r/MountainDew.
Flavor: Raspberry Lemonade
Color: Burgandy      
Current Status: Unreleased
Locations Available: Speedway Stores in the United States
Year(s) Available: Unknown; Expected 2020
Related Flavors: Spiked (Raspberry Lemonade)
Amp Game Fuel Charged ZERO (Raspberry Lemonade)
Similar Flavors: N/A
Related Promotions: N/A

Spark is an upcoming Mountain Dew flavor that will be exclusively released at Speedway gas stations for a limited time at an unknown point. Currently, there is very little information about the flavor's planned release, but it is rumored to release sometime during the Summer of 2020.


Mountain Dew Spark is a raspberry lemonade flavored soda, and is burgandy in color.


This flavor was first leaked by a PepsiCo Employee, who received the drink as a sample and posted a photo of it on r/MountainDew on March 7th, 2020.

On March 19th, 2020, promotional images of the drink were posted to r/MountainDew by u/pm_me_your_last_pics, who had found them while taking a survey. These images confirmed that it would be exclusive to Speedway Stores in the U.S.

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