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Southern Shock

Southern Shock is a Franchise Exclusive Mountain Dew flavor available since June 2020 only at Bojangles restaurants.


Southern Shock is a Tropical Punch flavor of Mountain Dew. It's similar to two Dew flavors, which have a similar shade of tropical punch flavor, Solar Flare and Typhoon. Its color is a light red-orange, similar to the two aforementioned flavors.


Its tagline is "DEW with a Blast of Natural & Artificial Tropical Fruit Punch Flavor".


On March 25th, 2020, PepsiCo filed a trademark for Southern Shock titled "MTN DEW SOUTHERN SHOCK." It was then claimed a month after the trademark file that Southern Shock would get released exclusively at Bojangles restaurants, which was later proven correct when the flavor was released in the middle of June 2020.


  • This flavor was leaked months in advance on the r/mountaindew.