Solar Flare
Solar Flare
The official Solar Flare label art.
Flavor: Tropical Punch
Color: Red-Orange      
Current Status: Current Flavor (For some United States 7-Eleven stores as a Region-Specific flavor)

Discontinued: The Philippines, and Canada

Locations Available: Some 7-Eleven store locations in the United States, Canada, and The Philippines
Year(s) Available: United States: 2014 - Present (Became region-specific since 2015 from most 7-Eleven locations in the United States)

Canada: 2015 - 2016

The Philippines: 2016 - 2017

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Solar Flare is a Mountain Dew flavor variant available in soda fountain machines exclusively at the United States, Canadian, and The Phillippines 7-Eleven stores. In 2015, in the United States and Canada, it became region-specific, which had Solar Flare pulled from most of the 7-Elevens in the United States. Even though it was still at some locations, it was disappearing little by little. However, some of the 7-Elevens in the United States still carried the drink and still even sold to this day, in addition to even receiving newer logo labels on their soda fountains. Its tagline is "DEW with a Blast of Tropical Punch."


On April 22nd, 2014, PepsiCo filed a trademark name, calling it Mtn Dew Solar Flare.

In May 2014, the flavor was first exclusively released to 7-Eleven stores in the United States for the summer of 2014, and 7-Eleven is currently the only convenience store chain that sells this flavor in soda fountains and Slurpee form and it is still as of today.

In various dates in throughout from 2015 and 2019, in the United States and Canada, it was reported that it was suddenly and unexpectedly appeared that Solar Flare became region-specific in 2015, as many areas across the United States began noticing that it was pulled from many 7-Elevens, and surprisingly still remained available in some 7-Elevens locations in the United States. While this was happening, all Canadian 7-Eleven stores have been removed from its soda fountains and Slurpee machines. Even though it is still available at some locations in the United States, it was still disappearing little by little as the years go by.

As of May 2018, Solar Flare was still carried, and being sold at some of the United States 7-Eleven locations due to good sales, in addition of even receiving newer logo labels on their soda fountains.

On June 29th, 2018, Avery Heaney TV posted a vlog video on his YouTube channel that he went to most of his 7-Eleven locations as a wild goose chase. After he went to all of his 7-Eleven locations, it was unfortunate that he founded out that Solar Flare didn't appear in all of the 7-Eleven locations that he went to. It is still possible that Solar Flare might gonna be presumably discontinued until we have further information.

As of January 2019, it is still confirmed that Solar Flare is still available at 7-Eleven stores in the western region of the United States. In the eastern region of the United States, it had still not been found anymore since Late-June of 2018.


Mountain Dew Solar Flare is a fruit punch flavored soda with a red-orange color. The chemical flavor of aspartame served as the aftertaste after the initial flavor quickly fades.

Canada Release

In August 2015, Solar Flare was later introduced in Canadian 7-Eleven soda fountains, alongside with the Slurpee version that appeared with a tag of "NEW! DEW with a Blast of Tropical Punch only at 7-Eleven". It became discontinued in Canada later on as it became region-specific in the United States.

The Philippines Release

On September 28th, 2016, Solar Flare was exclusively introduced in The Philippines for a limited time at participating 7-Eleven locations with their soda fountain machines. If you bought Solar Flare of any of those participating locations in The Philippines, you could win various prizes such as a new smartphone, a drone, or a bicycle. The promotion ended on November 22nd, 2016. After the promotion ended, Solar Flare was still available until early 2017, or the start of that year.