Riddler's Brew
Riddler's Brew Full Bottle Think Motive CM.png
Promotional image of Riddler's Brew.
Flavor: Mystery Flavor
Color: Dark Blue      
Current Status: unreleased
Locations Available: Unknown
Year(s) Available: Unknown
Related Flavors: Dark Berry
Similar Flavors:
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Riddler's Brew is an unreleased Mountain Dew flavor. The existence of this flavor was leaked by an anonymous individual on the Dew Drinker Discord, alongside Major Melon, Baja Punch, Baja Flash, Snap'd, the re-release of Pepsi Blue, and new flavors Rise Energy (Berry Blitz), Rise Energy (Peach Mango Dawn), and 3 other Mtn Dew Rise energy flavors


Mountain Dew Riddler's Brew is intended as a tie-in drink to the upcoming movie The Batman, which itself currently slated for a release in 2022.

The drink was first leaked in mid-2020, at a time when the movie was planned to release in October 2021. Due to the movie's delay, it is unknown if, or when, this product will release.

A separate drink, Dark Berry, was similarly released for a Batman movie, in its case, The Dark Knight Rises.

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