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Riddler's Brew
Riddler's Brew Full Bottle Think Motive CM.png
Promotional image of Riddler's Brew.
Flavor: Yet to be revealed Mystery Flavor
Color: Dark Blue      
Current Status: Upcoming
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: 2022
Related Flavors: Dark Berry
VooDEW (2019)
VooDEW (2020)
VooDEW (2021)
Doritos Quest
Similar Flavors: N/A (No similar flavors to match with)
Related Promotions: Used to promote the theatrical release of The Batman in Early 2022

Riddler's Brew is an upcoming Mountain Dew flavor, prospecting of planning to be released officially as part of The Batman movie in Early 2022. Its tagline is "DEW with natural and artificial flavors".


Riddler's Brew is a Mystery Flavor of Mountain Dew. It's similar to the architecture and style of the VooDEW series flavors, though it relies upon what mysteries these mystery DEW flavors contain. Its color has a dark blue look.


Since Riddler's Brew is a Mystery Flavor, as of right now, there are no speculations about this flavor yet.


Although, there are no hints announced quite yet from the social media of Mountain Dew themselves.


No answer yet unveiled. Only after the theatrical release will tell.


On October 8th, 2020, a leaked internal reel video surfaced, showing upcoming plans for the Mountain Dew brand for 2021. This video reaffirmed much of the previously-leaked information for 2021, with new flavors including both seasonal flavors, such as Baja Flash, Baja Punch, Riddler's Brew, and Gingerbread Snap'd, as well as a new permanent flavor, Major Melon.

Its limited-time release got, at first, scheduled to get released in 2021. Due to The Batman movie getting delayed until Early 2022, the limited-time drink release supposed to promote the film got delayed along with it.