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Revolution was a Mountain Dew flavor, first appearing as a contestant in the first DEWmocracy promotion.


Revolution was a wild berry fruit flavored soda, with added ginseng for flavor enhancement. It was sky blue in color. Many fans describe the taste of Revolution as a cross between White Out and Baja Blast.


Its tagline was "DEW Infused with Wild Berry Fruit flavor and Ginseng with natural and artificial flavors."


Main article: DEWmocracy I

In November 2007, PepsiCo launched a new Mountain Dew marketing campaign. This campaign was named "DEWmocracy," tying the words Dew and Democracy together as the campaign centered around the idea of Dew drinkers designing the next permanent flavor on the line. DEWmocracy was released throughout various phases. Out of the 3 phase process, only three finalists were chosen that is Voltage (a Blue Raspberry flavor), Supernova (a pink Strawberry Melon flavor), and Revolution (a sky blue Wild Berry Fruit flavor).

Revolution, alongside its competitors, Voltage and Supernova, was officially released over the summer of 2008 to compete for a chance to become a permanent flavor. Drinkers were able to try all three flavors and vote on the DEWmocracy website on which they preferred for their favorite. Voting ended on August 19th, 2008, and Voltage was announced the winner, having won 41% of the votes, Supernova came in second place, with Revolution in third. Voltage was officially re-released to stores on December 29th of that year.

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In 2011, a "secret stash" of Revolution was offered as a prize to those who entered to win them daily at the Throwback Shack website. The winner of the Revolution uploaded a video on November 18th of that year showing that he had been sent 12 glass bottles of Revolution, packed in a large wooden box. In 2016, he started an eBay auction to buy one glass bottle of it. The auction ended on November 14th at 7:30 PM, by which point the bidding had reached $33 USD.

International release

The Philippines

In the early 2010s, Revolution was available in fountain form at the 7-Eleven stores and was also available in bottles in The Philippines. It is currently unknown for how many years Revolution was available there.


  • Many fans describe the flavor of Diet Ultra Violet to be close to Revolution, mostly due to the berry flavoring in both. Fans have also stated that Dark Berry tasted similar to Revolution as well.
  • Recently, there had been an uprising demand for Revolution's return to shelves since the Back by Popular DEWmand promotion gave three discontinued flavors (Supernova, Pitch Black, and Typhoon) a limited return to shelves. Mountain Dew had commented on this, saying that there were no plans to bring Revolution back. However, they followed up this statement with advice to "never say never," lending hope to fans of the flavor.
  • Revolution, Flavor 286, Flavor 648, and Flavor 736 were the only DEWmocracy flavors not featured in FanDEWmonium.
  • In late 2020, rumors surfaced about the flavor's re-release, along with a supposed photo of marketing materials; however, it was revealed in April 2021 that this was a hoax by members of the Dew Drinker Discord.