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Purple Thunder

Purple Thunder is a Mountain Dew flavor that was released as a fountain Circle K exclusive in April 2022, with 20 ounce bottles released in early May.


Purple Thunder is a Berry Plum flavor of Mountain Dew. Its color is purple, hence its name.


Its tagline is "DEW with a Blast of Berry Plum. Natural and Artificial Flavor."


On January 18th, 2022, Purple Thunder was found in the PepsiCo Contact files as a low res render of a 20 ounce bottle. Later that day, high-res renders of the same bottle design were found on Smartlabel, confirming the flavor profile to be Berry Plum.

In March 2022, a Reddit post showed that Purple Thunder will also be on fountain as well as bottles. It was also confirmed that Purple Thunder will release around early May 2022 exclusively in Circle K stores.

In April 2022, before its intended early May release, several people have been finding Purple Thunder available on fountain, although it generally wasn't available yet for different reasons (mostly because it needed fountain syrup). 20 oz. bottles were discovered in April 19, 2022, showing that they are rolling out soon.

On May 4th, 2022, Circle K officially announced the launch of Purple Thunder on their Twitter page.

International release


In April 2022, it was revealed by a user on the r/mountaindew subreddit that Purple Thunder will be available at Canadian Circle K locations for a limited time. Its limited run is expected to last from June 21, 2022 until the beginning of September that year.


  • Much like Thrashed Apple, the packaging appears to indicate exclusivity to a specific chain, in this case, Circle K. These references are the gas station shown on the label, the "CK x D3W" license plate on the motorcycle, and the "Route 51" sign references 1951, the year Circle K was founded.