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Pitch Black
The logo for Mountain Dew Pitch Black. (Fan-made version recreated by Duckieboy01)
Flavor: United States: Black Grape (2004, 2011, and 2015)
Citrus and Dark Fruit (2016 - Present)

International: Grape Citrus

Color: Dark Purple      
Current Status: Singapore: Permanent Flavor
Malaysia: Permanent Flavor
The Philippines: Discontinued
Pakistan: Permanent Flavor

United States: Fountain Only

Canada: Discontinued
South Korea: Discontinued
New Zealand: Discontinued

Locations Available: United States
The Philippines
South Korea
New Zealand
Year(s) Available: United States: 2004, 2011, 2016 - 2021, 2018 - Present (Sheetz Fountain)
Freeze: 2006, 2016 - 2019
Canada: 2004
South Korea: 2006
New Zealand: 2011 - 2012
Malaysia: 2013 - Present
The Philippines: 2014 - 2017
Singapore: 2014 - Present
Pakistan: 2016 - Present
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Similar Flavors: N/A (No similar flavors to match with)
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Pitch Black (known in South Korea as "Wild Black" and also known in Canada as "Alerte Noire") is a Mountain Dew flavor first released in August 2004 for a limited time in the United States and Canada for Halloween. It returned for another limited time alongside Supernova and Typhoon during Back by Popular DEWmand in Summer 2011 and returned once more for DEWcision 2016 to compete with Baja Blast. Pitch Black won, making it a permanent flavor. In early 2019, it then ensued out in most regions except for the Midwest, and as for early 2021, it is now wholly discontinued except for some soda fountains.


Pitch Black is a flavor of Mountain Dew that is Dark Purple in color, very similar to its sequel, Pitch Black II. Its flavor, at first, was Black Grape back in 2004 and 2011 in the United States and Canada. But in 2016, the flavor has been changed into a Citrus and Dark Fruit type of DEW flavor. Also, the international version has a Grape Citrus type of flavor.


2004 Original Limited-Time Store Release

Pitch Black was released for a limited time from August 21st, 2004 to October 31st, 2004, in the United States for the Halloween season of 2004. During its limited-time run, the flavor proved very successful, which leads PepsiCo to re-release it again in 2005, but this time with a change.

2005 Sequel Limited-Time Store Release

Main article: Pitch Black II

After the success of Pitch Black's initial release in 2004, PepsiCo decided to bring it back with a slight flavor alteration as well as a new name. This new product would be known as Pitch Black II and made its way to shelves in the Halloween season of 2005. During its 2005 run, the flavor proved a little success.

2006 7-Eleven Slurpee Limited-Time Release

At the beginning of October 2006, at select participating convenience store locations, only available at 7-Eleven began offering the original, non-sour Pitch Black for a limited time operating under the name of "Mountain Dew Pitch Black Freeze" which lasted until the end of October 2006.

2011 Back by Popular DEWmand Limited-Time Release

Main article: Back by Popular DEWmand

Six years later, the original Pitch Black returned for a limited time as part of the Back By Popular DEWmand promotion alongside Supernova, and Typhoon, which lasted until July 25th of that year.

2015 Giveaway

In December 2015, Mountain Dew announced via their Facebook page that 1,050 people would have the chance to win a unique limited run of Pitch Black by posting why they wanted Pitch Black and using the hashtag #WeWantPitchBlack in the post.

DEWcision 2016 Limited-Time Store Release

Main article: DEWcision 2016

Pitch Black was released once more in 2016 for the DEWcision 2016 promotion alongside Baja Blast. This promotion involved a voting poll for fans to vote on their favorite of the two flavors via Twitter hashtags and other social media sites. The winner of the voting promotion was made permanent on store shelves. Pitch Black was declared the winner in a live announcement on July 18th, 2016, beating Baja Blast, accordingly, making it a permanent flavor.

2019 Discontinuation Rumors

As of May 1st, 2019, in a Reddit post, a Pepsi employee claimed that Pitch Black recently been officially discontinued due to low sales throughout its permanent release. From this, it has appeared to be somewhat of a misnomer, though - Mountain Dew officially claims it hasn't nationally discontinued yet. Several people have still managed to find unexpired 20oz bottles and 12-packs, albeit very sparsely, along the Midwest region. Soon after, 12-packs were left discontinued entirely, and 20-ounce bottles followed shortly afterward in early 2021, resulting in both sizes are discontinued from independent Pepsi bottlers in the Midwest.

International Release


At the same time, when Pitch Black was released in the United States, Pitch Black furthermore released for a limited time in Canada for the Halloween season of 2004. However, due to health code restrictions, it was released without caffeine in Canada that prohibited Caffeine in Mountain Dew.

South Korea

In 2006, the original Pitch Black was released in South Korea under the name "Wild Black" and described as "A blast of Grape Flavor."

New Zealand

Pitch Black was also released in New Zealand in 2011 until it was replaced with Passionfruit Frenzy in late 2012.


In 2014, Pitch Black was released as part of the DEWmocracy promotion in Malaysia to compete with LiveWire and Blue Shock.

The winner of the promotion would be made permanent on store shelves in Malaysia. However, Pitch Black and LiveWire lost to Blue Shock, but strangely enough, LiveWire and Pitch Black are still available there for unknown reasons.

The Philippines

It was also released in the Philippines in 2014 with LiveWire during the summer months as a permanent flavor. This also marks the first time in the Philippines to release a different flavor.


Pitch Black alongside LiveWire was featured in DEWmocracy Singapore. It won and was now a permanent flavor. However, it disappeared in 2014 but returned as a 7-Eleven exclusive in 2017.

Soda Fountain Release

Speedway Release

In January 2016, Pitch Black arrived at select Speedway convenience store locations in the United States as a fountain drink (and in some locations as a freeze). It expected to leave Speedway once the DEWcision 2016 promotion began. However, most, if not in the case, all Speedway locations that sell Pitch Black have continued to offer the flavor while coinciding with the DEWcision 2016 promotion. As of April 13th, 2019, it was confirmed by Speedway's social networking team that Pitch Black got replaced by Cyclone as the new exclusive Dew flavor.

Circle K Release

In July 2016, it reported that Pitch Black had arrived at select Circle K convenience store locations as a fountain drink permanently. However, since the recent introduction of the new Mountain Dew Zero Sugar variation had spread to other convenience stores alike, Pitch Black alongside Mountain Dew Ice was later replaced by Zero Sugar in February 2020.

Maverik Release

In July 2016, Pitch Black arrived at some Maverik store locations as a fountain drink permanently. As of May 2021, it is readily available at most Maverik stores, as well as most competing gas stations in the Utah market.

Sheetz Release

In April 2018, Pitch Black arrived at select Sheetz convenience store locations as a fountain drink permanently. As of April 2021, it is still available in some Sheetz locations and some Kum & Go convenience stores that is still carrying Pitch Black.

Kum & Go Release

In May 2018, Pitch Black arrived in most Kum & Go convenience store locations as a fountain drink permanently. In May 2020, Pitch Black got replaced by Atomic Blue as the new exclusive Dew flavor in some Kum & Go locations. As of April 2021, it is still available in some Sheetz locations and some Kum & Go convenience stores that is still carrying Pitch Black.

Blake's Lotaburger Release

At the end of July 2018, Pitch Black arrived at Blake's Lotaburger locations and as of now, it is unknown if its still available.

Convenience Stores Release

Pitch Black was also available from some soda fountains in Cumberland Farms, Pilot/Flying J gas stations, Stewart's gas stations, and more. It was later in all of those convenience store chain locations.

As of July 10th, 2020, in regards to Pitch Black being removed from most Circle K and Speedway locations. It appears that Pitch Black is in a phase where certain convenience stores are dropping Pitch Black in exchange for another Mountain Dew flavor. As for other convenience stores like Kum & Go, a new fountain exclusive Mountain Dew flavor, Atomic Blue has been reportedly in a process of replacing Pitch Black in some locations. This shows that Pitch Black is currently on the verge of being fully discontinued in soda fountains.


  • Pitch Black was a black grape flavored soda, now, it is Citrus and Dark Fruit since 2016, which is actually dark purple in color. By looking at the bottle with very little light around it, it would seem black, hence its name.
  • Pitch Black is one of six grape flavored Mountain Dew variants (see "Related Flavors" in the infobox).
  • Pitch Black was a permanent flavor in New Zealand until it was replaced with Passionfruit Frenzy. However, LiveWire and Code Red still remain. Voltage (which goes under the name "Electro Shock"), remained a permanent flavor until 2014 when it was replaced by White Out.
  • It was one of the most frequently reappearing 'Limited Time' flavors, counting spinoff flavors and various international appearances. As of now, Pitch Black has been made permanent in the Mountain Dew lineup in the United States, its homeland (Including Speedway, Circle K, Sheetz, 7-Eleven, and more).
  • The Creature From The Black Lagoon or "Gillman" was somewhat of a mascot for Pitch Black & Pitch Black II as it appeared in a number of advert pieces holding the soda.
  • This flavor was the first Halloween themed flavor, the second being Pitch Black II, and the third being VooDEW 2019 and the fourth being VooDEW 2020 and the fifth being VooDEW 2021.