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Overdrive is a leaked Mountain Dew flavor set to release as a Casey's General Store exclusive in June 2022.


Overdrive is a Citrus Punch flavor of Mountain Dew. Its color has a red-orange look.


Its tagline is "DEW with a Blast of Citrus Punch & Other Natural Flavors."


In Late 2021, PepsiCo conducted a test phase period, where select people got to try Overdrive for a consumer research study. The survey given to people was to taste test two identical variations (Flavors #138 and #604) of the Citrus Punch flavor to suggest their reviews on which they prefer out of the two.

After the testing survey period, Overdrive is now planning to be exclusively released to Casey's General Stores in June 2022.

Overdrive is currently listed on the PepsiCo Beverage Facts website.


  • Overdrive is one of several Citrus Punch flavors of Mountain Dew. The others are Sangrita Blast and Cyclone (both identical flavors).