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June 2019 in Review


• Liberty Brew has spread to the hands of Dew drinkers nationwide. The DEWnited contest will end on August 15th, so get your codes and find all 50 state-themed DEW bottles before it's too late!
• Mountain Dew Pitch Black Freeze, a Speedway-exclusive limited-time-only freeze variant of Mountain Dew, has shown its presence in most to all Speedway stores, and will disappear relatively soon.
• Mountain Dew White Out Freeze has been released to Circle K stores nationwide in the form of a Froster flavor, and will spread to more Circle Ks over the next few weeks.
• Despite previous statements relating to the flavor, Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel Charged Orange Strike has been slated for an early 2020 release, alongside a previously unknown grape flavor.

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Our featured flavor is Mountain Dew VooDEW! Since VooDEW is a mystery flavored Halloween-themed Mountain Dew, we chose this flavor to be the newest featured flavor of October 2019!
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