Mountain Dew Ice
LOGO 2018 ICE.png
The logo for Mountain Dew Ice. (Fan-made version recreated by Duckieboy01)
Flavor: Lemon-Lime
Color: Clear      
Current Status: The Philippines: Permanent Flavor

United States and Canada: Discontinued

Locations Available: United States
The Philippines
Year(s) Available: United States: 2017 (Test Release), 2018 - 2020
Canada: 2018 - 2020
Circle K: 2019 - 2020
The Philippines: 2020
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Mountain Dew Ice was a Mountain Dew flavor that officially released in stores on January 15th, 2018 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day of 2018) as a permanent flavor. It was first leaked in September 2017 by the YouTube channel myCountyMarket. Another YouTuber by the name of Avery Heaney TV and his friends had found Mountain Dew Ice as a 2017 prototype in this video.


Mountain Dew Ice was a flavor of Mountain Dew which was clear in color. Its flavor was a crisp lemon-lime taste with a splash of real juice.


Mountain Dew Ice was first seen on a YouTube video that was posted by myCountyMarket on September 8th, 2017, as seen in the background on one of the shelves on one of their product reviews. A few weeks later, myCountyMarket posted a soda review about the flavor on their video on YouTube. The channel's video revealed that it would be released around sometime in early 2018. The channel's video also revealed that Mountain Dew Ice was planned to be promoted during Super Bowl LII.

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Officially, it was released in stores on January 15th, 2018 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day of 2018) throughout stores nationwide in the United States as a permanent flavor in various sizes and later with 16.9-ounce bottles. A few weeks later, it was promoted in a commercial during Super Bowl LII that has various celebrities' lip-sync rap battle with a back-to-back commercial of Ice and Doritos Blaze. This led to a major boost in the popularity of the two snacks.

On March 2nd, 2020, on Twitter, the official Mountain Dew account confirmed that Mountain Dew Ice was discontinued in all regions of the United States and Canada. At the time of its discontinuation, very quickly, rumors have spread that it would return with a better-tasting flavor later on. Also in March 2020, the rumors had been confirmed that PepsiCo was developing a new better-tasting flavor of Ice. However, it was later revealed that it was canceled months ago due to unknown reasons.

Canadian Release

On January 22nd, 2018, on Facebook, the official Mountain Dew Canada account announced that Mountain Dew Ice would be joining the lineup as a permanent flavor. With no announcement whatsoever, it was quietly discontinued.

Circle K Release

In 2019, it was reported that Ice had arrived at select Circle K convenience store locations as a fountain drink permanently. However, since the recent introduction of the new Mountain Dew Zero Sugar variation had spread, Mountain Dew Ice alongside Pitch Black was later replaced by Zero Sugar in February 2020.

Filipino Release

In October 2019 a trademark was registered to launch Mountain Dew ICE in the Philippines. In June 2020 ICE was released in the Philippines and comes in bottles of 300mL and 600mL.


  • Mountain Dew Ice was featured in the YouTube channel myCountyMarket along with many Mountain Dew flavors.
  • Avery Heaney TV is a YouTuber that had found Holiday Brew and Mountain Dew Ice prior to their official releases in his videos.
  • In the pre-release state of Mountain Dew Ice, there were various minor changes made to the container; the type was changed from a Sidekick bottle to a dome-like design used in other Pepsi products, and the label design was changed. This was the only flavor that has had multiple changes to its container design prior to its official release.
  • Mountain Dew Ice is the second clear soda that has been produced in the Mountain Dew lineup, the first being Dewshine, and the third being Mountain Dew Ice (Cherry).
  • Philippines and Canada were the only international countries that had Mountain Dew ICE.

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