Mountain Dew Green Label
Green Label can design.
Flavor: Green Apple Kiwi
Color: Bright Green      
Current Status: Discontinued
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: March 2017 - 2018
Related Flavors: White Label, Black Label
Similar Flavors: Electric Apple, Diet Crave
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Not to be confused with Green Label Art the promotion.

Mountain Dew Green Label was a Mountain Dew flavor variant that was pre-released in January 2017, alongside White Label on select colleges, and universities campuses across the United States. It was later officially released in early 2017. It had a Crafted Apple Kiwi flavor that is sold in 16 oz cans, similar to Black Label and White Label. The flavor's can describes it as a "Curiously Daring Dew." Its tagline was "DEW with crafted Green Apple Kiwi."

Green Label was discontinued in late 2017 due to low sales along with Spiked (Lemonade) and Spiked (Raspberry Lemonade).


Green Label was a green apple kiwi flavored soda, and is bright green in color.