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Mountain Dew Energy (Berry Blitz)

Berry Blitz was a flavor of Mountain Dew Energy, formerly known as Mountain Dew Rise, that was released in March of 2021 along with the rest of the initial lineup.


Berry Blitz was an Acai Berry flavor that was indigo in color. It was a low sugar energy drink with 180mg of caffeine, about twice the amount of coffee.


In the summer of 2020, Berry Blitz, along with the other Mountain Dew Rise lineup flavors, was leaked, along with other Mountain Dew flavors that were to be released that year and the next. It was originally named Rise (Acai Berry), as evidenced by the leaked promotional image. It was later released as Berry Blitz in March 2021, along with the other Rise flavors.

In November 2021, because of a lawsuit by Rise Brewing, Rise Berry Blitz, along with all the other Rise flavors, was renamed to Mountain Dew Energy.

In December 2021, the flavor was confirmed to be discontinued by the official Twitter account of Mountain Dew Energy, presumably to make way for Mountain Dew Energy (Cherry Lime Lift).


  • Berry Blitz was the first flavor of the Mountain Dew Energy lineup to be discontinued