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Mountain Dew Energy (Baja Blast)

Mountain Dew Energy (Baja Blast) is a Mountain Dew Energy flavor originally released in Summer 2022 for a limited time alongside Baja Mango Gem, Baja Gold, Baja Blast, and Baja Blast Zero Sugar in part for a promotion called The Lost Treasures of Baja Island.


Mountain Dew Energy (Baja Blast) is based on the same flavor profile as its original counterpart but has 180 Milligrams of Caffeine which equals approximately 2 Cups of Coffee, 5% Juice, Zero (0 G) added Sugar, Zinc, and Vitamins A&C Antioxidants.


On March 7th, 2022, in a now-deleted r/MountainDew Reddit post, a user named u/South-Conversation33 posted an image of Mountain Dew Energy (Baja Blast). At first glance, it was met with a wide skepticism, due to the image looking fake. It was later confirmed by a PepsiCo employee an hour later.

In Early-to-Mid 2022, can renders and some test cans were seen on some websites, sometimes with other unreleased flavors such as VooDEW (2022) and Flamin' Hot.

It was officially released in stores in the United States in early June 2022, for a limited time, sold in 16-ounce cans, staying until September 2022.


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