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Max Air was a line of Mountain Dew flavor variants found exclusively in Japan manufactured by Suntory.


Mountain Dew Max Air was a citrus flavored soda, much like the original flavor. Its color, however, was much more like a lime green.


Mountain Dew Max Air was first released on May 22, 2007. It was a variantation of the standard Mountain Dew that was described as using a different formula with extra carbonation to "create a design that allows you to enjoy a refreshing stimulus and a refreshing taste". It also used a green color to distinguish it from the regular variety.

In 2008, the flavor was renewed, and on May 20, 2008, it was re-released as Mountain Dew Max Air 2. This version increased the carbonation of the drink.

In 2009, it was renewed again, and on May 19, 2009, it was re-released one more time as Mountain Dew Max Air 3, adding a sweeter flavor to the expanded carbonation from the second version. This version was sold for about three years until being discontinued.

On June 24, 2014, Suntory announced they would re-release Max Air under its original name from July 29, 2014 for a limited time for the Summer season. This version was available in an increased 600ml bottle.[1]


  • Mountain Dew Max Air's name is likely a reference to its higher amounts of carbonation.
  • It was possible that the Japanese Mountain Dew team decided not to continue Max Air to pursue more options, which would explain the release of Mountain Dew Grape in 2011.
  • This was the only non-clear flavor of Mountain Dew to be considered translucent.