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Liberty Brew

Not to be confused with Liberty Malt.

Liberty Brew was a Mountain Dew flavor that was first released in Summer 2019 for a limited time as part for the Dewnited States promotion. In December 2019, it was leaked that Liberty Brew was re-released once again in Summer 2020 for a limited time on June 15th, 2020, staying on shelves until September 6th, 2020.


Liberty Brew was a flavor of Mountain Dew. Its flavor was a combination of 50 different fruity flavors which was closely reminiscent of a berry-like type of flavor, such as Dark Berry. Like Dark Berry, it is midnight blue in color.


Since Liberty Brew is a 50 flavors in 1, many people saying that the flavor tastes like a Bomb Pop and/or various types of gummies (such as wild berry Lifesavers gummies and/or blue raspberry Krabby Patty gummies by some).


2019 Original Limited-Time store release

On August 22nd, 2018, PepsiCo filed a trademark name, calling it Liberty Brew. It was then rumored that it would be having 50 different fruity flavors for each state.

On various dates of early 2019, Liberty Brew was leaked in numerous amounts of time before being released. At first, it was leaked from an image following additional pictures of the bottle later on and then a whole video about the flavor being reviewed on YouTube.

On May 15th, 2019, the release of Liberty Brew was pushed back to Memorial Day weekend. Three days later, on May 18th, 2019, posts began to circulate Reddit of early releases of bottles in gas stations and convenience stores.

The official release date was slated for June 2nd, 2019, and the discontinuation date was set to August 11th, 2019. It was unknown then if Liberty Brew would see a re-release outside of 2019.

2020 Limited-Time store release

It was leaked in December 2019 on the Dew Drinker Discord server that Liberty Brew would be released for the Summer of 2020.

On April 24th, 2020, it was revealed that Liberty Brew was pushed back to be released in June 2020 due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

On June 15th, 2020, the Mountain Dew website posted an article announcing that Liberty Brew will be returning, and would be available for 83 days until September 6th.


  • The 50 flavors in question are unknown and it is still unknown what they combine to make yet.
  • This was the first time that a limited edition flavor was a combination of 50 fruity flavors in the Mountain Dew line up.
  • This flavor was the second American or 4th of July themed flavor, the other being DEW-S-A.