Kickstart (Energizing Limeade)
Kickstart Limeade Can
Limeade Kickstart can design.
Flavor: Limeade
Color: Light Green      

Used to display colors

Current Status: Discontinued (United States)

Current Flavor (Australia)

Locations Available: United States, Australia and Canada (Slurpee only)
Year(s) Available: United States: 2014 - 2017
Australia: 2017 - present
Canada: 2018 (Slurpee form at Canadian 7-Eleven stores)
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Kickstart (Limeade) is an international Mountain Dew Kickstart flavor variant. In contrast to the original breakfast-themed Fruit Punch and Orange Citrus Kickstart flavors, this and Black Cherry were released together as nighttime-themed drinks.


Kickstart (Energizing Limeade) was a limeade flavored soda, and its color was a Light-Green.


Kickstart Limeade was introduced in the United States in 2014.

In 2017, the flavor was discontinued in the United States alongside Strawberry Kiwi in order to make room for the two new flavors of the year, Mango Lime and Raspberry Citrus. This flavor was shown as a Slurpee drink.

Australian Release

In March 2017, Limeade was added to Australian markets as one of four Kickstart flavours and it is now exclusive to Australia.

Canadian Slurpee Release

In 2018, Limeade was available in a Slurpee form at 7-Eleven in Canada.