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Kickstart (Energizing Grape)

Kickstart (Energizing Grape), formerly known as Kickstart (Energizing Midnight Grape), is a flavor of Mountain Dew Kickstart that was released in the United States in January of 2016 and has since been released elsewhere in Canada, Australia, and Japan.


Kickstart (Energizing Grape) is a grape flavored soda that is dark magenta in color. It is designed to have more caffeine than usual and to energize you.


Kickstart (Energizing Grape) was released in the United States in 2016, as Kickstart (Energizing Midnight Grape). Energizing Grape, along with the other current Kickstart Flavors, was promoted by Puppymonkeybaby during Super Bowl 50. It was later renamed Kickstart (Energizing Grape) in 2021, which had previously been used for its 2018 Japanese release.

In 2022, a product listing by PepsiCo was discovered that revealed that both Kickstart (Energizing Grape) and Kickstart (Energizing Fruit Punch) would be discontinued as soon as the stock was depleted. The reason for this is unknown.

Canadian release

Kickstart (Energizing Midnight Grape) was released in Canada on January 20th, 2017 as the fourth Kickstart beverage available in the country.

Australian release

In March 2017, three Kickstart beverages were released into the Australian market. Kickstart (Energizing Grape) was released there alongside Kickstart (Energizing Orange Citrus) and Kickstart (Energizing Limeade).

Japanese release

In 2018, Kickstart (Energizing Midnight Grape) was released in Japan under the name Kickstart (Energizing Grape), omitting the word "Midnight". As mentioned earlier, this name would be used for the American release for its 2021 redesign.


MTN DEW® KICKSTART™ Expands Product Lineup With Introduction Of Four Bold New Flavors (

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  • Kickstart (Energizing Grape) is one of seven grape flavored Mountain Dew variants. (See "Similar Flavors" in the infobox)
  • This was the first and so far only Kickstart flavor to have been released in Japan.
  • Kickstart (Energizing Grape) is the second grape flavor released in Japan, the first being Grape and the third being Violet.