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Iconic Summer was a promotion that involved fans entering codes found on specially-marked Mountain Dew and Pepsi products to redeem for exclusive prizes and sweepstakes entries. This promotion officially launched on May 20, 2013, with the launching of an official website.


By purchasing specially-marked Mountain Dew and Pepsi products at participating locations, fans can obtain codes from the packaging. One must then log into the official website, where the codes may be redeemed for "icons." The ratio of the Product Code to Icons is shown here:

Product Type # of Icons
20oz, 2L, 1L & 16oz 1 icon
6-Pack (24oz, 16.9oz, 16oz) 6 icons
8-Pack (16.9oz) 8 icons
Select 12-Packs & 24-Packs 3 icons
Fountain 1 icon via Pongr

Pepsi and Mountain Dew bottles with Iconic Summer packaging.

Prizes are located within certain "Prize Vaults" which can be unlocked by combining two or more specific icons. The better the prize, the more icons it requires to open. Once a vault is open, the fan may then select one available prize within it, and it will be mailed to them.

Each code entered also gains one entry to win regional weekly prizes.

From August 11, 2013, to August 31, 2013, fans will be able to use their extra/leftover icons to enter the Second Chance Sweepstakes, which has various major prizes.


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