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Game Fuel (Mystic Punch)

Game Fuel (Mystic Punch) was a Mountain Dew Game Fuel flavor released for a limited time alongside Game Fuel (Citrus Cherry) in November 2023 to promote the release of Diablo IV.


Game Fuel (Mystic Punch) was a Fruit Punch flavor of Mountain Dew and had a purple look.


Its tagline was "DEW with a Blast of Fruit Punch Flavor with Other Natural Flavors."


On April 6th, 2023 a post on Reddit surfaced, claiming that Mountain Dew Game Fuel was going to make a return in 2023. Team Supernova corroborated with this source and was sent a picture from the source, leading to another post on Reddit. The picture appeared to show an endcap display at a Kroger-owned store with bottles of Cobra Cane and Thrashed Apple. The endcap was labeled "Game Fuel / Nov - Dec". At this time, fans were conflicted whether this meant that Game Fuel was put on the sheet in error, or if it was slated to release and Cobra Cane's store release would be scrapped and was being used here as a placeholder.

On April 26th, 2023, Team Supernova posted a tweet with a photo attached that confirmed Pepsi's intention to bring back Game Fuel in November 2023 for an 8-week LTO run. Further more, the sheet mentioned that a new Game Fuel flavor would be joining Citrus Cherry on the shelves - Fruit Storm. Due to the information given listing a shelf life comparable to other full sugar Mountain Dew releases over the last few years, it was speculated that Citrus Cherry would be reverting to its full calorie formula for the first time since 2015.

A photograph of both flavors was posted on Reddit in June 2023, revealing that the flavor would be named Mystic Punch and that it would promote the release of Diablo IV while Citrus Cherry would promote Halo Infinite. Both flavors once again featured codes under the caps and inside of the 12-pack boxes that could be redeemed for prizes on The flavors officially released on November 6th, 2023 and remained until the end of the year when the promotion ended, after which both Citrus Cherry and Mystic Punch were discontinued.