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Game Fuel (Mango Heat)

Game Fuel (Mango Heat) (formerly known as Mango Habanero during taste testing) was a Mountain Dew flavor that was released in October 2016. It had been taste-tested at select college campuses in late 2014 under as a vault flavor the name "Mango Habanero," alongside two others, Dewitos and Lemonade with Ginger. When it was released two years later, the flavor (alongside Citrus Cherry) was released to promote Titanfall 2, breaking the 2 year Call of Duty promoting streak set with 2014's Lemonade Game Fuel and 2015's Berry Lime Game Fuel.


Game Fuel (Mango Heat) was a mango flavored soda, with a weak ginger finish and orange color.


Its tagline was "DEW with a Blast of Mango Heat Flavor with other natural flavors."

International release


Mango Heat was released for a limited time exclusively at 7-Eleven stores in Canada in April of 2017, available in 16 oz. cans and in Slurpee form. It had none of the usual Game Fuel branding that its American counterpart had, and was instead sold as a regular Mountain Dew flavor.


  • Game Fuel Mango Heat was the sixth companion flavor to promote Titanfall 2 with Game Fuel Citrus Cherry, a returning flavor that had 170 calories per bottle and 100 calories per can, because Pepsi reduced the calories and sugar to the Mountain Dew drinks.
  • This was the first time that Game Fuel Citrus Cherry had 170 calories per bottle and 100 calories per can.