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Fruit Quake

Fruit Quake is a leaked Mountain Dew flavor planning to be released for the Holiday season of 2022. It will replace the previous year's Gingerbread Snap'd as the new holiday flavor.


Fruit Quake is presumably a fruit cake flavor of Mountain Dew. It is similar in concept to the holiday season of its predecessors, Holiday Brew, Merry Mash-Up, and Gingerbread Snap'd. Its color has a dark-red look.


Its tagline is "DEW with a Blast of Artificial Fruitcake Flavor."


A post on Facebook (Later cited in a Reddit post) was made in May 2022, showing that there was a survey period for a new Holiday flavor of Mountain Dew, known as Fruit Quake.

A trademark was discovered after the first leak; a link to it can be found here.

Fruit Quake, like the other holiday-themed Mountain Dew flavors, will release in 20 oz. Sidekick bottles and 12 oz. cans starting in November 2022, staying until the end of December 2022.


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