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FanDEWmonium (sometimes referred to as the "Diet Dew Challenge") was a promotion by Mountain Dew that allowed fans to choose which new Diet flavor they would like to be made permanent.



In October 2010, the FanDEWmonium campaign was announced. It allowed Mountain Dew fans to go online and fill out bracket-style surveys to express which flavors they would like to become a permanent diet variant. Eight semi-finalists were chosen from this.

The Semi-finalists, in order of placement during preliminary voting:

1. Diet Supernova - Lost to Voltage after coming in 2nd place in DEWmocracy I. [1]

2. Diet Voltage - Already a permanent non-diet flavor, after winning DEWmocracy I in 2008. [2]

3. Diet White Out - Already a permanent non-diet flavor, after winning DEWmocracy II in 2010.

4. Diet Flare - A new flavor created by Dew Labs specifically for this campaign. [3]

5. Diet Typhoon - Lost to White Out after coming in 2nd place in DEWmocracy II.

6. Diet Ultra Violet - Previously released for a short period in 2009, it was the first diet-exclusive flavor of Mountain Dew.

7. Diet Crave - Originally known as Flavor #722, also lost to White Out after not making it to the final round in DEWmocracy II. [4]

8. Diet Distortion - Also lost to White Out after coming in 3rd place in DEWmocracy II. [5]

Mountain Dew fans were able to taste test these flavors during American tours, or by winning online contests and having tasting packs mailed to their homes. They were then to go online and vote for their favorite flavor. After this stage of voting, two finalists were chosen: Diet Voltage and Diet Supernova.


Both Diet Voltage and Diet Supernova were released to the public in stores, markets, and pharmacies across America for an 8 week period, beginning in March 2011. The third voting phase then began, which ultimately led to Diet Supernova winning with the most votes, and becoming the next permanent diet flavor. Beginning in February 2012, it was released for a 12-week run as a part of the Fuel the Frenzy promotion. After this 12-week run, it was removed from shelves permanently due to poor sales.