Mountain Dew Energised's can design.
Flavor: Citrus
Color: Yellow Green      
Current Status: International Flavor
Locations Available: Australia (Including stores and KFC)
Year(s) Available: 2012 - Present (Store releases)
2016 - Present (KFC as a Freeze)
Related Flavors: Mountain Dew, Sport, Amp EnergyDew FuelMDXEnergy, AdrenalineDistortion, Max Air, Kickstart (Limeade), Game Fuel (Lemonade), Throwback, Mountain Dew AMP
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Energised is a Mountain Dew flavor variant exclusive only to Australia. This version, unlike its precursor, has caffeine.


In June 2012, the Mountain Dew brand in Australia was relaunched and caffeine was added, similar to Canada's relaunch a few months prior to its release. It was first released to Australian KFC restaurants and later spread to convenience stores and other markets across Australia.

A Code Red variant was released in 2014 (see more on the Code Red Page).

In early 2016, a freeze variant was exclusively released at KFC restaurants in Australia.


  • Energised is one of many attempts at a Mountain Dew energy drink (see "Related Flavors" in the infobox for more).
  • Energised is the only current flavor in Australia that isn't a Kickstart variant.