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Electric Apple

Not to be confused with Thrashed Apple.

Electric Apple (formerly known as "Apple Mountain Dew") is a Mountain Dew flavor exclusively available at Villa Italian Kitchen restaurants in the United States that was released in March 2013.


Electric Apple is a Green Apple flavor of Mountain Dew. It's similar to another Dew flavor, Kroger-exclusive Thrashed Apple. Its color has a bright green look.


Villa Italian Kitchen describes it as "Mountain Dew Charged with Electric Apple."


Main article: Dub The Dew

In early August of 2012, an online naming contest campaign named "Dub the Dew" got announced. It got launched, which allowed fans to submit and vote for potential good names for this Villa Italian Kitchen restaurant-exclusive Dew flavor to use. Not long after this promotion got into place, online communities (most notably 4Chan) began attacking/vandalizing the website due to lacking security, voting for vulgar and offensive names until they filled the top 10 list. After that, the website was then taken down and was not re-launched ever since.

In March 2013, it became available exclusively in Villa Italian Kitchen restaurants as a permanent flavor, named "Apple Mountain Dew" and consisting of regular Mountain Dew with a shot of Green Apple syrup.

On July 9th, 2014, this flavor was renamed from "Apple Mountain Dew" to a new name, "Electric Apple." This Green Apple Dew flavor got joined by a companion flavor, Extreme Pomegranate. Electric Apple is still available, while Extreme Pomegranate was discontinued in 2015.