Distortion Logo
The unofficial Distortion logo.
Flavor: Lime
Color: Green      
Current Status: Discontinued
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available:

2009 (Test Release), 2010 (Store release)
2010 (Diet)
2013 - 2014 (Taco Bell as a freeze drink)

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Distortion (Previously known as Flavor #231) was a Mountain Dew flavor. It was featured in DEWmocracy II and then later released as a Diet flavor in FanDEWmonium. Its tagline was "Lime blasted DEW with natural and artificial flavors" while its diet version's planned tagline was "Lime blasted Diet DEW with natural and artificial flavors."


Mountain Dew Distortion was created by fans and released as a part of DEWmocracy II. During testing, Distortion (or Flavor #231) was known as Outburst.[1] It came in last place, holding only 16% of the votes. Distortion then returned as a diet flavor as a part of FanDEWmonium, in which it was a semifinalist, finishing in 8th place.


Mountain Dew Distortion was a Lime flavored soda and was green in color, but its label was shaded darker than original Mountain Dew's to avoid confusion between the two flavors.

Distortion Freeze

Beginning September 26, 2013, select Taco Bell locations began offering "Mountain Dew Distortion Freeze", an icy variant of Distortion similar to Baja Blast Freeze and the restaurant's pre-existing Frutista Freeze line. It was later discontinued in the beginning of March 2014, and replaced by the Kickstart Black Cherry Freeze.



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