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Diet Ultra Violet

Not to be confused with Violet.

Diet Ultra Violet was a Mountain Dew flavor variant and was the first to be released exclusively in diet form.


Diet Ultra Violet was a mixed berry flavored soda, and, as its name suggests, was violet in color.


Its tagline was "Zero calorie DEW with a Flash of natural and artificial Mixed Berry flavors", while its planned FanDEWmonium tagline was "Mixed berry-flavored diet DEW with other natural flavors."


Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet was released for a 12 week period beginning in August 2009. It also saw a comeback during the FanDEWmonium campaign the following year, during which it was a semi-finalist, losing to Diet Supernova and finishing in 6th place.


  • Many fans who tried this flavor for its limited run found it very similar to Revolution, due to their similar mixed berry flavoring.
  • Diet Ultra Violet was the very first diet-exclusive flavor of Mountain Dew, as it lacked a non-diet counterpart. However, some fans consider Revolution to be somewhat of a non-diet version of Diet Ultra Violet purely because of their similar flavors.
  • Diet Ultra Violet and Diet Flare were the only two flavors in FanDEWmonium that were not diet versions of flavors previously featured in DEWmocracy.