DewGothamCity was the unofficial name for the Partnership between Mountain Dew and Warner Bros. Pictures/Legendary Pictures' film, The Dark Knight Rises.


On June 18, 2012, Mountain Dew officially launched the DewGothamCity website , and with, the full campaign. During this promotion, existing Mountain Dew products received temporary packaging upgrades to feature The Dark Knight Rises logos and codes that could be redeemed on the website to gain access to exclusive movie content and merchandise.

Included with these packaging upgrades were new 16 oz. cans of the original Mountain Dew that feature the Batman symbol printed with special thermochromic ink, which shifts to a green color when the liquid inside is cooled.

The promotion ended on August 12, 2012.

The promotion was also held in Russia and Arabia, but Dark Berry was not released there.

Dark Berry

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Dark Berry Can

Dark Berry can design.

In addition to the above-mentioned parts of this promotion, Dark Berry a new limited-edition flavor was also released. This mixed-berry drink also features codes and packaging related to the upcoming film.

Russian promotion

The promotion was also held in Russia. Unfortunately, Dark Berry was not released for Russians.

Arabian promotion

The promotion was also briefly held in Arabia. As with the Russian promotion, Dark Berry was not released there.

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