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LOGO 2021 DEW-S-A.png
A fan-made recreation of the DEW-S-A logo by Duckieboy01.
Flavor: A mixture of Voltage, Code Red, and White Out together
Color: Dark Magenta      
Current Status: Seasonal (Discontinued)
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: Summer 2017 and 2021
Related Flavors: Code Red
White Out
Similar Flavors: Holiday Brew
Liberty Brew
Related Promotions: PepCoin

DEW-S-A was a Mountain Dew flavor originally released in Summer 2017 for a limited time. In March 2020, it was leaked that DEW-S-A would be coming back in July 2020 as a tie-in to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, before being pushed back to 2021. Its tagline was "DEW United with 3 Flavors".


DEW-S-A was a flavor of Mountain Dew of which was dark magenta in color. Its flavor was a combination of three existing flavors: Code Red, White Out, and Voltage, which represent the colors of the United States flag.


2017 Limited-Time Store Release

On February 11th, 2017, Mtn Dew Kid posted on his website page that a brand-new flavor of Mountain Dew called DEW-S-A was preparing to be released in the summertime. At the time, he speculated it may release to celebrate July 4th, based on its America-themed design.

Officially, it was released in stores in late April 2017, throughout the United States for a limited time in 12-packs and 20 ounce bottles until the start of August 2017.

2021 Limited-Time Store Release

After three years of popular demand to bring the flavor back, even after being succeeded by Liberty Brew, PepsiCo planned to rerelease DEW-S-A. This limited-time release was initially scheduled to be re-released in July 2020, with leaks stating it was to be rereleased alongside Liberty Brew, as a tie in to the Olympics. Due to the Olympics being delayed until 2021, the DEW-S-A rerelease was delayed as well.

On October 8th, 2020, a leaked internal reel video surfaced, showing upcoming plans for the Mountain Dew brand for 2021. This video reaffirmed much of the previously-leaked information for 2021, with new flavors including both seasonal flavors, such as Baja Flash, Baja Punch, Riddler's Brew, and Gingerbread Snap'd, as well as a new permanent flavor, Major Melon. This video also reaffirmed the rerelease of DEW-S-A.

Officially, it got released in stores in the United States on April 19th, 2021 for a limited time, sold in 12-packs, 16.9 ounce bottle multipacks, and 20 ounce bottles, staying until June 14th, 2021 where it has been discontinued once more.


  • In a similar 4th of July promotion, Mountain Dew Red, White, and Blue Combo Packs were available at select Sam's Club stores in the United States of 2014.
  • On April 15th, 2017, PepsiCo's Dew Locator was updated to include DEW-S-A.
  • This flavor was the first American or 4th of July themed flavor, the other being Liberty Brew.
  • The name DEW-S-A is a DEW-themed play on words, inserting the word "DEW" into "USA".
  • For it's original release in 2017, every can and bottle of DEW-S-A said "new flavor". That was removed for the 2021 release.
  • In 2017, the design for the 12 packs had a red background but in 2021, they had a blue background.
  • During this period for 2017, most Dew flavors underwent a formula change. Flavors, most notably Citrus Cherry, have fallen to this change, changing the formula contains both HFCS & the artificial sweeteners Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose/Splenda, and this change brings the drink to 100 calories for a standard can. The exact reason for the formula change is unknown.
    • In the 2021 release, DEW-S-A's formula was changed, with the removal of the artificial sweeteners that the 2017 release would use. The calories for can are now 170, as per standard for Mountain Dew varieties.