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Mountain Dew Black Label was a Mountain Dew flavor that was pre-released in August 2015 on select colleges and universities campuses across the United States. It was later officially released in March 2016, which coincides with the Deeper, Darker Dew promotion.


Mountain Dew Black Label was defined on the can itself by its dark berry flavor, being crafted with herbal bitters and real sugar. Its color was a red-purple magenta, and the taste has been described as reminiscent of the Dark Berry or Pitch Black flavor of Mountain Dew.

Like its counterparts White Label and Green Label, the flavor was available exclusively in 16 oz. cans, which also had a noticeable matte finish similar to the later Mountain Dew Energy flavors.


Its tagline was "DEW with Crafted Dark Berry". Pre-release cans of Black Label described the drink as being "Naturally & Artificially flavored," which was later changed to "Dark Berry flavor with other natural flavors".


In August 2015, Black Label was pre-released on select colleges and universities campuses across the United States.

Beginning in March 2016, it was officially released in stores throughout stores nationwide in the United States as a permanent flavor.


As of May 21st, 2019, it was rumored that the Label series would be discontinued.

As of July 24th, 2019, it was confirmed by a Pepsi employee that the Label Series was discontinued. First Green Label, then White Label, and then Black Label. The time came and went, no official word about its discontinuation.

In early 2020, several people have still managed to find unexpired 16 oz. cans sporadically within their region.

In 2020, Black Label was announced discontinued due to potentially low sales.


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