Baja Punch
Baja Punch logo.png
The official logo for Baja Punch.
Flavor: Tropical Punch
Color: Orange      
Current Status: Current Flavor
Locations Available: United States


Year(s) Available: Summer 2021

(Circle K exclusive in Canada)

Related Flavors: Typhoon

Solar Flare

Southern Shock

Kickstart (Energizing Fruit Punch)

Similar Flavors: Baja Blast
Baja Flash
Related Promotions: 100 Days of Baja

Baja Punch is an upcoming Mountain Dew flavor releasing in June 2021 alongside Baja Flash, Baja Blast, and Baja Blast Zero Sugar for a promotion called 100 Days of Baja. Its tagline is "DEW with a Blast of Natural & Artificial Tropical Punch Flavor." These flavors are going to release around June 12th, 2021.


Baja Punch is officially described as a Tropical Punch flavor, similar to flavors such as Typhoon and Solar Flare. It is a red-orange in color.


A trademark was filed on April 20, 2020 for Baja Punch titled "MTN DEW BAJA PUNCH". On that same day, another trademark was filed for Baja Flash titled "MTN DEW BAJA FLASH".

On August 4th, 2020, an anonymous individual on the Dew Drinker Discord leaked official branding for the flavor, along with Baja Flash, Gingerbread Snap'd, Major Melon & Major Melon Zero Sugar, Riddler's Brew, and DEW-S-A.

With this leak, a promotion known as 100 Days of Baja appeared. Little is known about the promotion at this time.

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