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Baja Deep Dive

Baja Deep Dive is a Mountain Dew flavor getting to be first given to lucky winners in The Lost Treasures of Baja Island sweepstakes, where 18,000 cans will be given out as the grand prize of the promotion.


Baja Deep Dive is a Mystery Flavor of Mountain Dew, similar to the cancelled Riddler's Brew as well as the VooDEW series. Its color is currently unknown.


Its official tagline will be "Mystery Flavor Dew with Natural and Artificial Flavor".


Since Baja Deep Dive is a Mystery Flavor, a decent amount of people have speculated it to the winning flavor, but discontinued due to low sales to Baja Blast in DEWcision 2016, Pitch Black due to its logo on Deep Dive's design.


In May 2022, the website for The Lost Treasures of Baja Island promotion was made. It mentioned that one of the grand prizes was 18,000 cans of an unreleased flavor in 6-packs.


  • The grand prize was originally 19,000 cans, but it was changed to 18,000 cans for unknown reasons.
  • The can's design shows a bottle of Pitch Black on the bottom left of the tentacle (Abbreviated as PB). What this means is unknown as of now.