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Arctic Burst

Arctic Burst was originally a Mountain Dew Slurpee flavor released alongside Kryptonite Ice as a to 7-Eleven gas stations for a limited time in the Summer 2006 as part to coincide with the Superman Returns movie. In Fall 2017, it returned as a Game Fuel flavor alongside Game Fuel (Tropical Smash) as a part of the Game Fuel Promotion to promote the video game Middle-earth: Shadow of War for Every60Seconds.


Game Fuel (Arctic Burst) was a "Blueberry" (Unconfirmed) flavor of Mountain Dew and had a cobalt blue look, having an identical tasting flavor and color to that of 2020's Frost Bite.

When Arctic Burst and Kryptonite Ice were first released, there was no information about the flavor description of these two drinks. Many people speculated that Arctic Burst has a blueberry flavor. However, there has more recently been speculation that Frost Bite is the "recycled" flavor from Arctic Burst.

Half-diet formulation[]

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The 2017 release, as with several other Mountain Dew varieties, featured a "half-diet" formula change, with the High Fructose Corn Syrup content being reduced by half and artificial sweeteners Sucrolose and Acesulfame Potassium being added in. This change lowers the calorie count to 100 calories for a standard can and 170 calories for a bottle.


Its tagline was "Arctic Burst Flavored DEW. Naturally & Artificially Flavored."


(2006) 7-Eleven Original release[]

In 2006, Arctic Burst alongside Kryptonite Ice was released as an exclusive flavor to 7-Eleven gas stations for a limited time during the Summer as part to coincide with the Superman Returns movie.

(2017) Every60Seconds[]

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On May 27th, 2017, Game Fuel (Arctic Burst) was first leaked by the Mtn Dew Kid, a Mountain Dew fan-hosted website for the latest Mountain Dew news in the 2010s. A photograph was sent to the Mtn Dew Kid, with Game Fuel (Arctic Burst) (promoting Middle-earth: Shadow of War) and another flavor named Game Fuel (Tropical Smash) (promoting Forza Motorsport 7) to be released on August 22nd, 2017 (later changed to be released in October 2017) as part to coincide with the Every60Seconds promotion where people could win Xbox One X consoles with point auctions.

It was officially released in stores in the United States in October 2017, for a limited time alongside Game Fuel (Tropical Smash) and was sold in 12-packs and 20-ounce bottles. Both flavors stayed on store shelves until January 3rd, 2018 when the Every60Seconds promotion concluded.